Dear friend, my name is Guenny K. Pires, I`m a director and I have seventeen years of progressive experience planning, shooting, directing, producing and editing compelling stories.  

            I was born and raised in Mira-Mira, a humble African village with less than ten houses. As many children I grow up on back of my mother Marina Pires, who was a street seller (fruits and vegetable). Until age of ten, she will took me to everywhere around the island of Fogo, Cape Verde.

            I believe that we all deserve an opportunity to do something that we really love! To me make films is my first passion. That is why in 2005 I founded Txan Film - a Cape Verdean four-member production company based in Los Angeles, California with the development and exposure of Cape Verdean culture as the core goal.

            We are a group of dedicated indie filmmakers ready to produce a feature documentary about unsung heroes, people who make a difference in the lives of people around the world.

            Our mission is to tell stories that may not otherwise be heard and to give a voice to those who do not have access to mass media. Our hope is that our films create a bridge to connect people and nations of Africa, Americas, Europe, the Caribbean, and Latin America by sharing human stories in historical and  cultural context in a way that will allow new generations to understand their history and become better-informed citizens of the world.

Recent awards:       West 72 Festival, 2015

     Cape Verdean American Film Festival, 2014

          Cape Verdean International Film Festival, 2013

        Africa House Film Festival, 2012

      Guenny K. Pires: Writer, Producer, Director and Cinematographer (IMDb)
  Jeremy C. Gredone: Postproduction Supervisor, Editor (IMDb)

      Tim Reid: Voice Over and Producer Consulting (IMDb)

        Manthia Diawara: Filmmaker’s Mentor (IMDb)

         Ike Karnick: Producer Consulting (IMDb)

      Ali Sousa: Actor (IMDb)
        Cedric Obannon: Editor (IMDb)
        Alan: VFX Artists (IMDb)
     Djim Job: Music Director and Sound Designer (IMDb)
       Al Kyo: Composer (IMDb)

     Vasco A. R. Pires: Visual Artist, Sound and Lighting (IMDb)

            Elizabete Pires: Producer Manager

  Belinda Foster: Marketing and Social Media (IMDb)

  Rathael Fambro: Researcher

         Check more at www.txanfilm.com