THE HEART OF AMILCAR CABRAL is an epic 58-minute poignant docudrama chronicling the poignant and profound vision of Amilcar Cabral, a statesman who called for the liberation of the African continent and freedom from the tyranny of the Colonial Empires.

            Our docudrama will include vivid scenery of the beautiful landscape of Cape Verde, Guine Bissau, and Angola; also the storytellers who will share their experiences in watching the heart of Cabral change the landscape of freedoms for the better. His contributions were not only to liberate Cape Verde and Guine Bissau but also the rest of Portuguese speaking countries and the entire continent of Africa including Ghana and South Africa.

        The movie features interviews of veterans and archival film clips from international authorities and activists such as Noam Chomsky, Pedro Pires, Danny Glover, Jerry Lange, Harry Belafonte, Tim Reid, Rigoberto Lopez, Peter Mendy, Richard Lobbon, Tersa Lima, Maria Eugénia Neto, Alda do Espírito Santo, Antonio Correia e Silva, Manuel Brito Semedo, Gamal Mascarenhas, Vasco Pires, his widow Ana Maria Cabral and his daughter Iva Cabral.

            Cabral has never been documented in such detail and no one has ever brought his personal life to the public though the film medium. WE DO!


            Check out the trailer: