The Heart of Amilcar Cabral is a 90-minute docudrama that tells Amilcar Lopes da Costa Cabral's story from his humble beginnings to emerging one of the greatest theoreticians who is regarded as the father of modern Africa Nationalism of the 20th century. The film focuses on the human side of a beloved and extraordinary national hero. Cape Verde native and award-winning filmmaker Guenny K. Pires' storytelling chronicles the poignant and profound vision of Amilcar Cabral's journey as a family man, community activist, philosopher, writer, poet, political leader, and humanitarian. This film began 17 years ago as the brainchild of Guenny K. Pires, and it has grown through his research, personal interactions with those who knew Cabral, and the historical documents he has reviewed. Txan Film Productions & Visual Arts has hired name talent for roles in the picture, thereby adding to its commercial value and audience appeal. 

       The movie features interviews of veterans and archival film clips from international authorities and activists such as Noam Chomsky, Pedro Pires, Danny Glover, Jerry Lange, Harry Belafonte, Tim Reid, Rigoberto Lopez, Peter Mendy, Richard Lobbon, Tersa Lima, Maria Eugénia Neto, Alda do Espírito Santo, Antonio Correia e Silva, Manuel Brito Semedo, Gamal Mascarenhas Vasco Pires, his widow Ana Maria Cabral and his daughter Iva Cabral.

            Cabral has never been documented in such detail and no one has ever brought his personal life to the public though the film medium. WE DO!


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