A feature film documenting one of the greatest of modern theoreticians of the African Revolution and founder of the Party for the Independence of Guinea Bissau and Cape Verde, Amilcar Cabral. Also known by his nom de guerre, Abel Djassi. He is an agronomist, a writer, a poet and one of Africa's foremost anti-colonial leaders. His mission was to eradicate Portuguese colonial rule in the exploitation, moral and physical propensity for repressive practices based on their absolute refusal to regard the African as a human being.


Short Summary

                                    THE HEART OF AMILCAR CABRAL

                                              1 HERO – 3 NATIONS


                                                14 YEARS IN MAKING


Hello from my heart!

In homage to my spiritual father Amilcar Cabral I am making this heart rendering, yet powerful film to share his compelling life of struggle and his extraordinary accomplishments with the world.

I believe that The Heart of Amilcar Cabral will be a significant film in our time and history. He was one of the most exciting fathers of Africa of his time and in the world today.

I and our core team members are determined to finish this film to show how Amilcar Cabral immersed himself in freeing his people from the yoke of Colonialism, tyranny and oppression.
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