You can help to bring this story to life in the film festivals, cinemas, on TV and on digital platforms worldwide! By backing this campaign you will help us finish the postproduction of the film that we have committed to making and are so close to completing. Saying that, we’re sure that this film will receive broad international distribution and will encourage and empower a wide spectrum of viewers around the world.


            To complete the postproduction the funds are critical for:

* Post-production and promoting the movie to film festivals and other venues

* Hire an award-winning editor to edit 280 hours of footage that was shot in 17 countries.

* The archive footage that we have to buy.

* Additional production costs such as audio enhancement and sound effects.

* CD music rights, composition and recording the music score.

* The final editing of the musical score.

* The motion graphics such as any maps, animation,

* The translations from creole to Portuguese and English, subtitles

* Color correction.

     * The publicity, marketing, and community outreach.


Except of the right of tax deduction with your donation

you can receive rewards such as:

* Your name immortalized in the film credits

  • 150% FUNDED: You get a The Heart of Amilcar Cabral T-shirt!
  • 200% FUNDED: You get a signed Poster by our crew members!
  • 250% FUNDED: You get a Tickets For World Premiere!
  • 300% FUNDED: You get a Copy of the DVD of the film

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Join the Revolution today and help to tell the incredible Amilcar Cabral’ story in the most intact, exciting, impactful and uncompromising way possible.


Please continue to support our dream so that together we can reveal the untold story behind our hero Amilcar Cabral. We’re very close and right now we need your financial support more than ever. All funds received will go toward the postproduction and release of The Heart of Amilcar Cabral.

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The Heart of Amilcar Cabral has been a complete labor of love for everyone involved in the project. We’ve asked all our friends and family to invest, and we’ve recently had support from the From the Heart Productions. Inc., who has recognized the importance of this docudrama. But we still have a shortfall in the budget to cover the postproduction costs including the music licensing, color correction and others expenses.